Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Welcome to the family & My first topless shoot

So I went back to the hospital yesterday to get the stitches cut off and to see how my puppies were doing. As we all know I'm not a fan of hospitals and I'm not a fan of early mornings... So after my peppermint tea to start the day I'm pumped and ready for them.

So we have the normal procedure of talking about my boobs... I seem to be the tit of all jokes at the moment ;) HA They took the bandages off my fake boob, I hate this bit it's always painful as fuck. The scaring is healing up real good... They do the normal chit chat whilst I'm there topless with two people I have never met before as we wait for my main doctor / surgeon who has carried out all the procedures on my breasts to check them out.

So we evaluate my boobs... The non fake one has a fuck load of scaring on it however the doctor has recommended some good silicone strips for it... This is good news as I feel my as though this boob feels a bit left out as there is no silicone in it now it will have a silicone moustache! :D The zombie boob will live on!

So then we talk about the new addition to the family... The fake one. The scaring is to a bear minimal! still a bit swollen ect but its looking good.

I was suppost to have another operation on my nipple, but I was having thoughts...

So I have this operation on my nipple and I get really bad scaring (like on my other breast) and what difference is it going to make? where the implant has been put in the nipple is pretty much in line with the other one... it just looks a little different.

But then there is the old age question... What is normal?

The in differences in people and in perfections is to me what real beauty is.

So after a talk with the doctor I've decided not to have anymore operations (well for 10 years, fake boobs don't last forever) She was happy with the results and then was happy to discharge me :D


I can't tell you how happy I am that this is pretty much all over... Wait a minuet... My doctor has been taking photograph evidence of my progress since day 1 when I first went to see her... Normally the pictures are just taken with a cam in her office... But shes asked me to go to and get my pictures taken in some photograph ward in the hospital... SO I agreed to it not really knowing what the fuck it was, she gives me a card and sends me on my way.

So I walk down the corridor find the unit and go in. Its a fucking photograph studio.
So I give the lady my card and I wait she takes me into the studio and shuts the door... She asks me to take my top and my bra off and stand on the X in the middle... I felt like I was about to audition for some dodgy porno shoot... All in good taste though ;)
The lights are on me and it reminded me of one of those photograph places you go and get that cheesy picture of you and your family. So I do it I take off my top and bra and strike a pose!

I haven't even seen my tits myself yet and I'm already doing topless photo shoots? WTF? HA

Luckily these pictures of my breasts are of use for only medical purposes, Non of these Lianna exposed stories will be popping up on the Internet just yet ;)

So I'm standing there as she was getting different angles of my breast, most importantly of course... the side boob ;) And I had another breakthrough of confidence, I'm no super model but I felt proud that I was able to stand there whilst she took pictures of me topless... A few years ago not one person had seen me topless... Now I was getting pictures taken by a stranger?

Sorry to disappoint there will be no other topless photo shoots, That was for medical reasons... but at least I can tick that box now ;)

But the was a big step for me to be able to do that.

So I get home and now its time for me to see my boobs for the first time... :D I can't tell you how happy I am, I feel like a real woman. I can go and buy bras and actually get fitted!
At 23 to say that it will be the first time I can go buy a bra that fits properly... its a big thing.

This whole thing has changed me completely for the better

The reason why I started this blog was for awareness, self release and to make a difference. By sharing all of this will the world I hope I have changed some peoples views and helped people who have had similar experiences

There is so much pressure put on females in today's society to look good and but FUCK society... its about whats on the inside... The most beautiful people are the ones who make a difference, no the ones who spend all day looking in the mirror and making them selves look 'perfect' THERE IS NO PERFECT. We should all love ourselves for who we are... I knew that before but after all of this it has set it in stone in my head.

I'm not here to please other people with the way I look, I don't give a fuck... If you don't like it DON'T LOOK! like I've said before we all have our hang ups but we have to stop worrying about them and go and enjoy life.

So whats the future for me huh?

I have a rest of a wee while longer, No heavy lifting all that kind of shit... I've got another week of work to recover then it's bass playing time. :D

This isn't the last you will hear from me... I am sorting out a fundraiser for a breast charity for August time... So watch this space.

Over and OUT!


Sunday, 22 May 2011

So glad you didn't wake up with a dick...

"So glad you didn't wake up with a dick, you would have to leave PB. no dicks allowed!!"

ERRR there is something I need to tell you all.

Monday, 16 May 2011

One real boob, One fake boob.

Wow so its been a very long time since I have posted on here... and by hell allot of things have changed. I have kept a diary of highs and lows of the past year which I hope in the next few weeks I am going to have time to post, I find writing a very therapeutic and it helps me deal with allot of things as self release... but I'm old school I write everything down in pen and paper first... because when the Internet dies (I'm sure it will do) I want a physical form to look back on rather than just an Internet site plus nothing beats the smell on ink on to paper.

So where do I start?

After a year and a bit of waiting I have fineraly had the second operation and I am back in that wagon of recovery bed mode... I had the the second operation on Friday 13th mhahahaha trust me to have my operation on that day? However it is my lucky day and I did wake up with one new boob.

The blog should really change it's name now to 'One fake breast, One real breast' ... There is no longer one and half breasts (it feels like I am in that jaffa cake advert, full moon, half moon total eclipse!) So I went back under the knife again on the magical day that was Friday 13th - the final boob chapter. But as we all know like Friday the 13th they just keep on coming back and by the looks of it my little trip isn't over just yet...

To be fair writing this has set me off in tears I've had a pretty emotional journey in the past year and letting all out there for everyone to see again will help me deal with it however its bringing back alot of emotions (the meds aren't helping with this either)

So many people have been fucking yes FUCKING amazing about this whole thing and where as before I though I had no one could talk to this about to I feel like I have a whole bunch of people who actually give a fuck and that I'm not the only one out there... So I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive for this whole thing and who continue to do so through thick and thin!

So lets do this!!!!


In the past year I have been dreading this day - the day before the second operation. I've been keeping a diary however at the same time I've kinda pushed this to the back of my mind, I've been so busy and hectic the past year and allot of things have changed. It's been a nightmare trying to get the second operation date I was originally sup post to have it 3 months after the last but as far as I know I got pushed to the back of the que and forgotten about. So after a million calls I got the phone call with the date... I was happy, relived and just wanted it all to be over.

The day before is always the worst day, it always gets to you just before you are going to sleep. So that means no sleep. I came back to my mums as she was taking me to the hospital.

I always get the early operations which is a good thing means I am not waiting around getting more anxious about it all. So there I was in the waiting room again waiting to be taken under... in my hospital gown and those sexy stockings they give you. I look in front of me there is an old lady again... NOT MORE 70 YEAR OLD PUSSY!?!?! luckily she was moved from my direct vision.

This is the point where i start to freak out... Do I really want a foreign object in my body? what happens if my body rejects the implant? all the questions I should have really thought about before

So as I start to question me having the operation the doctor came in to talk and to draw on me. its funny when they draw on you I just find the whole thing weird... and I don't know why. She talks to me to explain what she is doing to me today 'Lianna, I am moving your right breast up... so let me draw a little arrow then I am inserting the implant in underneath.... I wanted to move your nipple but this will have to be done in another operation'

Yah to nipple not being moved this time... last time that hurt like hell and I still have pretty bad scaring from it... but ney to more operations.

So she leaves me now I wait again for the anesthetic people to take me down... about 10minuets later the anesthetic lady comes in lays me down on my bed and takes me into the room. This part is normally the best part the people in this room are my friends they are about to give me morphine & and anesthetic! However I always find the people who do it a little weird... they always say something weird then I normally go to freak out then its the 'don't fight it' then the bubbly feeling then you are out cold.

Wake up! you have one new boob

The worst part... The wake up call. They wake you up try to get you to talk ... you don't want to bloody talk you have just come out an operation you are in pain and the last thing you want to do is count to 5 or tell them your name.
It took me a while to come around this time I had to sit there with the oxygen mask for a while so I could breath properly but then I was all good.
The operation went to plan... I didn't wake up with a dick.

The recovery room

This is the emotional come down, where I like to have my quite time and reflect on it all... Not have a nurse trying to feed me all the time. HA every minuet 'you must eat some biscuits...' I understand the sugar thing but Ive just been pumped with drugs I'm not going to want to eat. The nurse was really cool, she helped me alot. I ate a biscuit to keep her happy. I was in alot of pain in this room not as much as the last operation... but it was a different sort of pain. they gave me some more meds... oh I love the free meds! So I waited for my mum to come and pick me up once I had the all clear from the doctors. When I was in the waiting room there was a woman moaning about the wait she had (as you get called in by sir name) If I wasn't so doped up I would have turned around and reminded her how lucky she was to be here. There are so many people who go un diagnosed who don't seek help or don't get help. And the fact is the NHS will properly be privatised thanks to the Conservatives which will make the department we were both being treated under pretty much non existent for the people who have no money. So she should have been thankful that she was lucky enough to be in that bed about to received surgery. The doctor was doing the best she could.

So a few hours of me dribbling from the bed my mum came to collect me and took me back to hers. Where I have been in bed since. back on that orange juice and soup and meds diet... a diet for true rockstars ;)

So I am currently in bed, I've been feeling a bit sick and I have been doped up but its good to get some rest. I will be here for the next few weeks resting and getting myself better but damm I need this rest! I haven't stopped in the past year.

So how has this made me feel?

Well since the last operation alot of things have changed for me. I've started to get my confidence back and question things again. and I have come to deal with the fact...

I'm chubby, I have a breast deformity, I'm short, I have bad eye sight, bad skin. But I LOVE THE WAY I AM.

I wouldn't change me any day... I know my faults but I have learned to thrive off the good things about myself.

The worst kind of hate is self hatred... in the past year I learned to love the skin I am in. The whole operation has changed me completely for the better. I hope I inspire other females to look in the mirror and tell themselves that they are beautiful even if you don't feel beautiful there is always someone else looking at you and admiring you.

This whole operation has taught me to always find the beauty in something, even in the worst times when you can't even see its there. Having a deformity makes you unique, not a freak.

I hope being so open about this will allow other girls to not hide behind anything be proud for who you are and not to hide behind anything. RIOT DON'T DIET!

The day I realised I didn't give a fuck anymore was when this asshole was being a pervert to me on the street, so I flashed him my boobs (I still have pretty bad scaring from the last operation and half a breast on the other side at the time) and asked him 'So do you want to fuck me now?' he then made his excuses and walked on by. Asshole.

For him hes properly scared for life, for me that has empowered me not to care!

I have let no one see my breasts as the scaring is pretty bad... for me to do that was a changing point. My chest is pretty fucked up but I don't care anymore. Non of this really matters. With being so open about this whole thing has been my therapy... the last time I had surgery I felt so alone... Now I have a bunch of people on my team. Namely my band, being in a band where I can channel all the shit things and make it into one of the most positive things and actually have a team and support line around me, thank you Pettybone for changing my life and helping me put a different perspective on things.

All I have really hoped from this is to inspire other females... and from the feedback I've had it has and I hope it continues to do so... I am going to be more active in writing in here... And I haven't forgotten about the fundraising ideas I had before... More news to follow ;)

So I have my stitches out next week, I now have one fake breast (variation is good!) I'm awaiting on another op for my nipple... painful. For now I have to rest up & enjoy the meds... And this is pretty long I will save the rest for another blog.

Until next time


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Post Three.

I had the stitches out last week... And by hell that hurt. The Doctor had done tests on the tissue which was removed from my breast and it had no abnormalities... NO CANCER! :) SCORE!
It's still sore as fuck and my breast looks like I've had some sort zombie surgery. But the scarring will go down in time but I'm guessing the way they had to cut into it I will have some... But it will all be worth it in the end :)
Hopefully I will be able to start wearing a bra again next week which means I will have to go and get measured properly for the first time! Pretty weird not really ever knowing your real bra size. Also pretty nervous about some random lady going near my breasts.
I have an appointment to see the surgeon again at the end of March to see how I'm doing and to sort the rest of the surgeries out which I'm looking forward to as I will be able to begin to plan ahead rather than basing my life around having these operations. Last week was the first week I've been out since the operation it's great to be able to go and do stuff and see people instead of being stuck in bed. Thanks to everyone I have seen out who have been really supportive of this blog and everything. It makes this whole thing worth while and it's nice to see people willing to come together to do some good.

On this Friday 19th Feb @ 9pm on Channel 4 there is a program called Embarrassing Bodies which has an episode dedicated to Poland's syndrome. It will be featuring a male who has this syndrome so if you can check it out, record it on your sky plus or whatever.... please do so!

The website for the show http://www.channel4embarrassingillnesses.com/ you may be able to find out some more info on there, I've seen this program before some of it can be pretty graphic but it may help you if you feel you have any 'embarrassing illnesses'

So I'm starting to sort out the fund raising show I will be putting on. The name of the show will be called 'Riffs For Racks'. Through the up and coming months there will be more details to follow... A date will be set once I have a date for my final operation.

If you want to help out in anyway... venues, promotion, bands who want to play drop me an email @ lianna.lee.davies@gmail.com

Mucho Love to all


Monday, 1 February 2010

Post Two.

Firstly I would like to thank you all for all the messages and comments I have been receiving about this blog, it means allot to me. The Codeine has spun me out for the last few days and I have been in a lot of pain, but today I'm feeling allot better but I'm still house bound until the end of the week... being stuck in drives me INSANE. There is a big world outside and I want to be involved in it!

I do have to say... I'm no hero, I'm no victim... I don't play either of those parts well. Whatever shit things happen to you you have to always remember there is someone who is a zillion times worse off than you and sometimes you need to take a look around, pay attention and help them. If I come across preachy I apologise as there is nothing worse than people preaching on you to be a better person blah blah its not about that it's about being the best person YOU want to be. I wanted to share my experiences with you in the hope some good will come out of it.

My reasons behind this blog was to create awareness of this condition and to raise some money for the clinic and for the patients whom are undergoing a similar situation. I've come up with a few ideas to raise some money. Firstly I will be putting on a show, with all the money raised it will be donated to the charities and clinic in regards to Poland's syndrome as well as breast care. I'm working out all the stuff that go's along with that at the moment... If you want to help in anyway with this or if you're a band that wants to play please email me at lianna.lee.davies@gmail.com

One show in ways I don't think its enough. It's fine me saying 'I want to help' I could put on a show raise a bunch of money then go back feeling 'satified' that I have helped in a small way. I would not get ANY satisfaction from that... The show I want to put on I want to make an annual thing so once a year we can all get together & have a good time for a good cause.

If you want to help, pay to come to the show and party!

I have my stitches and my bandages removed on Thursday which in ways I'm nervous about as One Its gonna cane Two I find out about the rest of the surgeries I will be undergoing THREE IT'S GONNA FUCKING CANE.

Four? Seeing the 70's year olds pussy again... I've been having nightmares about that shit... fingers cross shes not there.

Anyways enough of me always talking shit... until the next post... Enjoy yourselves.


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

One And A Half Breasts

So people may have wondered what all my status updates I have been posting on Facebook about. Instead of replying to every message I decided to put it in a blog so its open for all to read it.

My main purpose of this blog is to create awareness of the "condition" I have and to give other people the confidence to go and see a doctor if you feel you have this too. It took me years to pluck up the courage and it was on my mind every day for years the amount of times I walked into the doctors meaning to tell someone but I chickened out as I was too embarrassed by my problem.

The condition I'm talking about is Poland's Syndrome.

Yes so I've got Poland's Syndrome. Most of you will be unaware of what this is you can go on http://www.polands-syndrome.com/ to educate yourselves a bit further.

Poland's Syndrome is a one-sided malformation of the chest muscle and hand.

Poland's Syndrome can come in many shapes or forms and its more common in men than in females.

So what did it mean for me? My right breast has been absent ever since I developed as a teenager.

Every female has one breast bigger than the other that is completely normal but when one breast is absent not so normal - so basically its a growth defect. It's something you are born with but its not noticeable in women until they have developed.

The cause of the syndrome is unknown and I'm lucky I don't have hypoplasia of the hand or webbed feet as this is mainly only common males who have this "syndrome"... You can check if you like?

There are properly a few people laughing at this by now, Don't worry I have already had my laughs about this its a pretty funny 'syndrome' to have. My right fingers and hand is also slightly smaller. A famous person names 'Jermery Beadle" also suffered from this.I hope you are laughing by now as I am. I have come up with an array of jokes about this 'Me, Myself and half a breast' and many more. Feel free to contact me with any more.

But in reality this isn't really a joke... If your a male reading this... imagine growing up with one ball? Not a nice thought really.

Breasts are what helps define femininity and for years I've felt ashamed of myself and been depressed about it. I've felt like half of the woman I should be. (no pun intended)

I could never go into shops to buy bras and don't even know my real bra size. There is only so many chicken fillets I can shove down in one side of my breast to make it appear normal on the outside.

I couldn't bare to look at myself in the mirror or even touch my own breasts. Which was bad as I had never checked my breasts for cancerous lumps. Once I had plucked up the courage to go to doctors they sent me to a breast cancer specialist who carried out some checks and tests on me and gave me the all clear. Phew.

But for years I could have had cancerous lumps and I would have never known. So ladies make sure you check your breasts regually if you find anything just go to the doctors and get it checked out. It's better to be safe than sorry.

This condition has effected me mentally. I've hated myself for years. I've never cared what anyone else thinks of me but the worst kind of hate is self hatred.

After months of going back and forth from seeing a breast specialist they deiced the only way to help me was reconstructive surgery.

So yesterday I underwent my first operation to remove part of my "good breast" and lift it. The weird thought of someone chopping part of my breast out and wasn't something I was too happy about as I already have a half a breast why would I want one more? But its the way for me to move forward to have the rest of my operations carried out.

The operation went fine they gave me plenty of my friend called morphine and there was an array of handsome doctors helping me. I was in a lot of pain and of course the shock of when you see half your breast has gone is quite unpleasant but its more in proportion to my other breast so my chest is starting to shape up :)

The worst part of it was when they moved me into my bed I was in front of this old lady, bless her cotton socks who repeatedly keep on shitting and pissing in front of me there's somethings you don't want to see when your doped up and in pain and 70 year old pussy is one of them.

The doctor came down to check on me and said I just needed my bandages removed it cleaned and some waterproof ones put on then I would be discharged. Wow for the first time in my life a felt positive about my breasts.

The doctor left and the nurse came in, she looked pretty nervous and she said she had never changed bandages for this type of surgery before so she was just going to put bandages over the ones i had already on. Great. As she started to do it she asked for my help she knocked something on my breast and it started pissing out with blood. She didn't know what to do and I was sitting there with blood poring down my stomach this of course sent me into a panic and my poor mother. She tried to get hold of a doctor and all i remember her saying is that he will be here in a minuet. Luckily I was doped up on loads of drugs otherwise I think I would have had a heart attack. At one point i coughed and blood squirted out in front of me. Nice.

So after my mother had argued with a few people on getting someone down to see me about half an hour later one of breast surgeons came down to help me. He stopped the bleeding and bandaged me up properly said I could be discharged or stay the night to make sure I would be alright. As I hate hospitals I was not going to be there a moment longer.

So I'm home now, in a lot pain and feeling like half the woman I was if that was possible. I get the stitches out next Thursday and I should be completely fine apparently I will go through this whole depressed thing but that's mainly due to the anesthesic and the drugs they have given me.

After that I will be going back in four weeks to sort out the rest of the surgery's needed. I will be having implants in both breasts and on my defective breast it will be lowered down so the implants sit in place. This will be done in about three months.

The idea of having such an alien object inside of me is weird and it makes me nervous. I'm not the biggest fan of fake breasts but if its going to make me live some what of a more normal life I'm all for it.

Once I am recovered from all of this I want to do a fundraiser in form of a show to gain awareness of this condition and for other breast related illnesses if you want to help in any way please get in contact.

The money I will raise from this I want it to go to the breast clinic who has been looking after me. They deal with alot of reconstructive surgery's for breast cancer patients and for people with grown defects like myself.

I'm not looking for sympathy the people I care about are here for me I want to raise awareness and to help people who have anything similar.

I will keep you posted on my operations as I'm sure there is going to be some high and lows, But in the end is all going to be fabulous and my breasts will look great :)

All I ask for you is to post this around on your Facewanks, Myspaz's, blogs ect to create awareness.

I'm heading back to bed now as I have a hot date with some DVD's, Orange Juice and some Chocolate. Rock and Roll.

Much Love