Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Post Three.

I had the stitches out last week... And by hell that hurt. The Doctor had done tests on the tissue which was removed from my breast and it had no abnormalities... NO CANCER! :) SCORE!
It's still sore as fuck and my breast looks like I've had some sort zombie surgery. But the scarring will go down in time but I'm guessing the way they had to cut into it I will have some... But it will all be worth it in the end :)
Hopefully I will be able to start wearing a bra again next week which means I will have to go and get measured properly for the first time! Pretty weird not really ever knowing your real bra size. Also pretty nervous about some random lady going near my breasts.
I have an appointment to see the surgeon again at the end of March to see how I'm doing and to sort the rest of the surgeries out which I'm looking forward to as I will be able to begin to plan ahead rather than basing my life around having these operations. Last week was the first week I've been out since the operation it's great to be able to go and do stuff and see people instead of being stuck in bed. Thanks to everyone I have seen out who have been really supportive of this blog and everything. It makes this whole thing worth while and it's nice to see people willing to come together to do some good.

On this Friday 19th Feb @ 9pm on Channel 4 there is a program called Embarrassing Bodies which has an episode dedicated to Poland's syndrome. It will be featuring a male who has this syndrome so if you can check it out, record it on your sky plus or whatever.... please do so!

The website for the show you may be able to find out some more info on there, I've seen this program before some of it can be pretty graphic but it may help you if you feel you have any 'embarrassing illnesses'

So I'm starting to sort out the fund raising show I will be putting on. The name of the show will be called 'Riffs For Racks'. Through the up and coming months there will be more details to follow... A date will be set once I have a date for my final operation.

If you want to help out in anyway... venues, promotion, bands who want to play drop me an email @

Mucho Love to all



  1. I think I know a way in which I may be able to help you; check your email :-)

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